Where to Find Free Empty Cans/Bottles

Good Places to Find Free Aluminum Cans - RecycleBro

There’s people out there that collect tons of recyclable cans, bottles, newspapers, cardboard and more, but never get the time to go to the recycling center. 

There’s also people out there that make a living from recycling. From stay at home moms and dads, to people just trying to make a side income.

What if we were to tell you that there is a new way to help the Earth/Environment and recycle tons of cans and bottles (DAILY!), and make some good spare change while doing it?

Meet RecycleBro, a new app which lets you find FREE cans and bottles and other recyclables around your neighborhood. Its a very clever app which was created when the founder was driving home and saw a man digging in the trash for cans. He thought, “There has to be an easier way..”  3 months later, RecycleBro was born. 

Some people like to recycle, and some people like to collect their recyclables, but hate going to recycling center. This is where RecycleBro helps; By connecting both the individuals, the recycler and the collector, we are able to help the world by getting those discarded items to the recycling center. 

Whether you are a collector of recyclables or enjoy going to the recycle center, then you need to download this app, and get started today.

Download RecycleBro on GooglePlay, coming soon for iPhone.

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