Give and Get Free Cans and Bottles

Some people like to recycle, and some people like to collect their recyclables, but hate going to recycling center. This is where RecycleBro helps; By connecting both the individuals, the recycler and the collector, we are able to help the world by getting those discarded items to the recycling center.

Whether you are a collector of recyclables or enjoy going to the recycle center, then you need to download this app, and get started today.

Download RecycleBro on GooglePlay, coming soon for iPhone.

Where can I take my cans for cash?

Some states provide online listings of supermarkets, drugstores and other sites where you can return bottles and cans for money. Check to see if your state has such a listing. Other states require businesses that sell drinks in containers eligible for recycling accept them for recycling and pay consumers the deposit back. Visit the website for your state’s recycling program to see if that’s how it works where you live.

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